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Published on: 28 May 2016

The RHS Malvern Spring Festival May 5-8, 2016

ON Friday May 6 I went with some of the Lincombe Barn members on a coach trip to the Malvern Spring Show. The day was a very warm one, leaving at 8.30am and returning by 6pm. The sun shone all the way there and after we had left the motorway we journeyed along leafy lanes lined with the occasional thatched cottage with flowering wisteria covering their walls.
After being stuck in a traffic jam on the approach to show ground we arrived and were bathed in sunshine as we bought our programmes. My friend Jayne and I decided to head for The Floral Marquee to start off with. Although there were only three coaches at the time in the coach park when we arrived there were a lot of cars and so The Floral Marquee was bustling  with people. I particularly wanted to get certain alpines that I was sure the specialist stands would have.
Another friend wanted to get some herbs which she was lucky enough to find. There were so many stands bursting with wonderful displays for instance, bougainvilleas, cacti,  bonsai and exquisite small scale gardens of cottage plants,  heucheras,  ferns and lovely rock gardens.
They made you feel you wanted to scoop them all up and buy the lot. I managed to find  a stand selling alpines but they did not have an erinus or a dryas octapetala as it was too early in the season for them.
I did buy an alpine potentilla and a erysimum though. The lady on the other side of the stand said I could order the ones I wanted from them on line later in the month.
By now it was time for lunch. When we emerged into the daylight again, we hunted around for somewhere to have our picnic. Due to the fact it being such lovely weather all the picnic places were taken but after a while we just managed to find two places.
We really were having a heatwave  - not that we were complaining!
After lunch we headed for an icecream van and then meandered around the trade stands. During this time I bought three more little plants - an anemone,  a halimium, which is an evergreen dwarf shrub with bright yellow flowers, and an oxlip which is a cross between a cowslip and a primrose.
As it was so hot we kept on having rests when an opportunity came up. Before we returned to the coach we did see some of the display gardens - they were all so delightful.  
I think these along with the Floral Marquee will hold a lasting memory in my mind forever.

Christine Broadway
Downend Folk House
Gardening Club

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