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Published on: 04 May 2016

Blog 28 – Sunshine and Bristol Rovers.

What a difference a month makes! Here I sit in my garden at 9am enjoying a cup of tea in the sunshine. I can finally enjoy my garden after I employed a professional to put some artificial grass down for me. We have abided in our lovely little 3 bed home in Downend for 3 years now and whilst all is well in the house, outside the house the lawn has killed me. After 3 winters of back breaking work to try and make grass grow I finally admitted defeat. Each autumn I can hear the Starks from from the North in Game of Thrones whispering ‘Winter is Coming’. Technically I can make the grass grow each spring but each winter the weather and the poor drainage literally devastates my perfect little back garden haven. This year I counted at least 8 blades of grass left. So enough is enough and now I have my perfect green (with speckles of brown) plastic grass making me feel all warm and fuzzy with happiness, as we have now created a fabulous play area for Molly and Harry. The winter is over and it’s never coming back. Toddler Molly had her 2nd Birthday this month and she can run around and play, helping daddy water the plants. The only danger to my back now is lifting those oversized plant pots and moving them. In the clinic we are already seeing a number of patients coming in with low back pain after gardening in its many various guises. Gardening is a good calorie burner and gets you lots of healthy fresh air but please everybody bend at the knees and use a straight back when you lift a heavy plant pot and try and get some help, things are always easier when there are two of you. If you want to spend some time re-landscaping your little piece of England then please be realistic with what you can accomplish and in what timeframe. So often I here stories from nearly crippled patients from what they tried to do in a weekend - what a team of professionals landscapers would do in a fortnight. Regular breaks aren’t a bad idea (For me it’s more like work is a break from my breaks in the garden…I particularly like it when Jenny brings me a cool glass of cloudy lemonade giving me an excuse to sit down again.
I am pleased to announce that our, already legendary, physio Keith Graham is joining me at Bristol Rovers as the new head physio until the end of the season. So technically he is now my boss! Congratulations Keith I hope that you are not overworked with all of your jobs working for Rovers, the GB wheelchair basketball team (heading for Rio), lecturing Masters in sports physio at Bath Uni and treating all of our patients at Next Step and Cleve Chiropractic. Chin up pal. It’s fun though isn’t it?
On a family note, our 4 month old baby Harry is now 18 lbs, the same weight as some ‘one year olds’ and is busting out of his 6-9 months clothes. I have made it down to 12 stone and 1 pound and I can now say that I can’t be bothered to keep going any lower. It’s tempting to get down to 12 stone but I also want to eat Molly’s birthday cake (that we purchased from ‘Piece of Cake’ on Downend high street and was so amazing that even 3 days later my staff were happy to demolish the leftovers!) and drink wine on the weekends and not feel bad about it. Here’s hoping that I don’t reach the dizzy heights of 13 stone 6 pounds by Christmas again but no promises. I won’t talk about my wife Jenny’s weight due to wishing to stay in the marital bed but suffice to say she is doing very well losing the baby weight and looks lovely, beautiful and as perfect as ever…please can I go to Vegas on my friend’s stag do in the summer?
Oh and anybody else see the exciting new upgrades to the kid’s playground in the King George V park in Downend?
That last sentence was my last this month but instead I’ll sign off with this. Molly has just used her new little watering can to top up my cup of tea, then watered her little chair and then promptly sat on it saying ‘wet bottom’ as she looks at me like it’s my fault. Jenny is laughing at me. Oh my life.
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