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It's all systems go!

AFTER almost a year of delays, diversions and disruption, the Avon Ring Road is set to fully reopen at Bromley Heath.

The contraflow system introduced on the A4174 while work to repair the Bromley Heath Viaduct was carried out was set to be removed during the last weekend of April.

But some of the roads which have been shut during the roadworks could now stay closed - a move which has brought protests from motorists and some residents.

The ring road was due to close in both directions between the Wick Wick roundabout and the Hambrook traffic lights for the contraflow to be removed, with diversions signposted and published online.

The road was set to close at 8pm on Friday, April 27, reopening at 6am on Monday April 30, when the repaired southern viaduct will reopen to traffic for the first time since July last year.

Once the westbound viaduct is reopened the 2+ lane and bus lane on the A4174 were due to be reinstated and the traffic lights at Hambrook returned to their settings from before the work began.

South Gloucestershire Council says the ring road closure is needed on order to remove the contraflow system safely.

Council cabinet member for transport Colin Hunt said: “We’re pleased that this major 

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