‘Clean up after your pets’ appeal

March 03 2014

A NEW plea has gone out to dog owners in Downend to clean up after their pets.

A NEW plea has gone out to dog owners in Downend to clean up after their pets.

Residents have been venting their anger on Facebook over selfish owners who allow their animals to foul pavements.

One mum in Queensholm Crescent said her toddler has walked in some dog mess and her son had got it on his bike.

Other people are annoyed by dog owners who bag up the dirt but do not bother to put it in the bin.

“It is disgusting that some people think it is OK to just dump their poo bags anywhere in the vicinity of a bin with no regard to anyone else. Kids have to use that pavement to walk to school,” said Angie Showering, of Bromley Heath.

“ Whichever dog owners are responsible for doing this please have some thought for others and take your poo bag home with you and put it in your own bin.”

Downend and Bromley Heath Parish Council is urging all dog owners to sign up to its Green Dog Walker scheme, which aims to change attitudes towards fouling.

South Gloucestershire Council has launched a new ‘Bag It and Bin It’ campaign, reminding owners that they can dispose of dog waste in their black household waste bins as well as in any available litter bin – and that waste should never be left behind.

Chairwoman of the council’s Communities Committee Councillor Claire Young said: “Lots of our residents enjoy keeping a dog and most of them accept that responsible ownership includes the chore of cleaning up after them.

“However we’ve all seen occasions when people either don’t clear up at all, or bag the waste but leave it hanging on a nearby fence or hedge.

“As well as being unsightly this is a nuisance for other residents and can be a significant health hazard because dog waste can carry diseases including Toxocariasis, which can lead to serious illness, including blindness.

“So this campaign aims to remind people that they must clear up after their dog, ideally by taking waste home for disposal in their black bin or by disposing of it in any nearby litter bin.”

Dual use plaques will soon be placed on South Gloucestershire litter bins to remind dog owners that all litter bins can be used for dog waste.

Changes to national legislation in recent years have dispensed with the need to separate dog waste from other forms of waste.

Anybody walking a dog – whether it is theirs or not – is legally required to clean up after them and failure to do so can lead to a fixed penalty notice and possible prosecution.

Further information on dog waste disposal in South Gloucestershire is available from www.southglos.gov.uk/dogfouling