‘Incredible’ Shaylee helps save her mum

May 30 2019

WHEN Shaylee Stone’s disabled mum became trapped at home, she didn’t panic.

‘Incredible’ Shaylee helps save her mum
The nine-year-old dialled 999 and guided firefighters to her house, letting them in so they could rescue mum Sophie.
Quick-thinking Shaylee took action when Sophie became trapped under a wardrobe at their home in Oaktree Avenue, Pucklechurch.
She called Avon Fire & Rescue Service, told the control centre her address and what the problem was, then opened the back door so the firefighters could get in easily.
It took three firefighters to get the wardrobe off as it was digging into Sophie's rib and causing chest and abdominal pains whenever it moved.
Ambulance crews assessed Sophie’s condition and she went to hospital after the accident on April 11 but had no serious injuries.
Sophie said: “Shaylee did absolutely amazingly. She has always known her address but for her to do what she did was amazing.
“I am so proud of her. She kept her sister calm as well, which was brilliant. Shayleigh got her back in the house and calmed her down.
“I don’t know how she did it at all. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do that at her age.
“It would have been a lot worse if she hadn’t been there. I couldn’t move. Shayleigh handled it so well.”
As a thank-you for her help, firefighters from Kingswood fire station visited Shaylee at her school, Barley Close Primary in Mangotsfield.
White Watch crew manager Andrew Chapple, who attended the incident, said: “Shayleigh really is an incredible little girl and her quick thinking meant we were able to easily locate the incident and rescue her mum, who was stuck.
“It just goes to show the importance of children knowing their address and what they do in an emergency.
“Shaylee is particularly brave little girl and it was only right that we visited her at school to say thank you and help to educate the other children on what to do in an emergency.”
The fire service has called on parents to make sure their children know how to call 999, their home address and how to open the front door in an emergency.