“Vandals . . . Stay at Home!”

April 23 2020

“Vandals . . . Stay at Home!”
“I’m sure that vandalism is not one of the reasons for leaving home during lockdown,” said local resident Dick Smith, as he surveyed the obscene graffiti which appeared overnight at Downend Masonic Hall. (see attached picture)
He went on to say, “All Freemasonry has been suspended throughout England and Wales since 17th March and no meetings are scheduled for the foreseeable future,” “Nevertheless, our members are remotely maintaining contact and one of our core principles is continuing, despite the restrictions.  I mean charity! 

Lodges are still actively making local donations to the needy and vulnerable during this frightful pandemic. furthermore, at a national level, the Masonic Charitable Foundation has implemented an emergency structure, setting aside up to £2m for projects to support those affected by Covid-19.
“These vandals obviously climbed gates here to commit their damage,” continued Dick.  “Ironically, this has occurred at a time when, throughout the country, we are opening many masonic hall carparks, particularly in city centres, so that emergency services and NHS staff can use them for free.  Eleven different lodges meet at Downed, together with other masonic orders, and members are noted for their generosity to the community at large.  No doubt it will cost hundreds of pounds to remove the graffiti . . . .sadly that’s money which would have been available for charity!”