An exciting year for sixth-formers at Colston’s School

July 28 2017

Sixth -formers at Colston’s have just completed a very successful year, both inside and outside the classroom.

Sixth -formers at Colston’s have just completed a very successful year, both inside and outside the classroom. Alongside their academic studies students participated in a range of co-curricular sporting and creative activities, community volunteering projects and the school’s innovative Future Leaders programme.

Through this programme students are not only taught specific employability and life skills, but are also given the opportunity to experience real-life projects designed to stretch them and to fill any gaps they have in their professional profile. Involvement with real companies (this year’s students worked with Rolls-Royce, TasteTech and Superdry among others) gives the students a valuable insight into what employers and universities are looking for. The professional projects culminated in a presentation evening, during which the students confidently pitched their ideas to industry experts, with an added dimension of excitement as they competed against their peers to be the winning team.  

Sophie Reed, who is studying sciences and mathematics, described the professional project she took part in this year: “We really enjoyed developing our research skills in the field of science whilst learning a lot about the marketing and financial side of the industry too. My favourite part of the project was our visit to TasteTech as it enabled us to see how products, similar to the one we designed, are being developed in the industry.”  

 Dr Paul Hill, deputy headmaster at Colston’s, commented: “We have seen a tangible impact of the Future Leaders programme with some incredible university, apprenticeship and employment offers being made to our students. It is clear the universities and employers really value the work our students are doing to develop outstanding employability skills.” 

It’s not just the staff and students who are proud of the Future Leaders programme; it has received external recognition and was recently a finalist for an Education and Business Partnership Award at the Bristol Post Education Awards.

These students are now looking forward to joining the Upper Sixth in September, with all the opportunities for leadership that Colston’s provides through its prefect system and peer mentoring scheme, ensuring that they are well equipped to continue to succeed when they leave school.