Angela halves her body weight and finds a new love

June 30 2013

IT’S hard to believe looking at these two photographs that they are of the same person.

angelaangela before

IT’S hard to believe looking at these two photographs that they are of the same person.

But Staple Hill resident Angela Sheffield has transformed herself – and her life – by losing a staggering 11 stone.

Angela, who was just 9 stone 3 pounds when she married, started piling on the weight after the birth of her two sons, Christopher and Michael.

Post-natal depression and the breakdown of her marriage exacerbated Angela’s battle with the bulge and sent her eating spiralling out of control.

She would avoid mirrors at all costs, ignoring the problem that was potentially killing her.


‘I realised I had to do something because if I didn’t I was going to die’


Angela, 50, said: “It was a vicious circle – because I was suffering from depression the more I’d eat and then the fatter I’d get so the more depressed I’d become. It went on and on for years.

“My health was suffering really badly. I had piles and could hardly walk.  I also had sleep apnoea where I couldn’t breathe at night. My neck was so fat, it was literally strangling me. It was frightening.

 “I was lonely and miserable and thought ‘I’ve got to change this and it’s only me that can do it’.

“I realised I had to do something because if I didn’t I was going to die.”


‘My whole life had changed completely - I wanted to live’


Inspired by a story about a man who lost a huge amount of weight, Angela decided enough was enough and she joined a local Slimming World class.

Tipping the scales at 22 stone 10 pounds, Angela knew there was no turning back.

“It was the heaviest I’d ever weighed. I just gritted my teeth. For years I’d been denying it and now I knew I just had to face it.”

In her first month of following the healthy eating plan, Angela was encouraged by losing a stone. Then, after six months, she was able to walk more freely and started to exercise.

“The weight came off quite steadily and two years later I reached my target after losing 11 stone,” she said.

“It was a fantastic feeling. My whole life had changed completely. I wanted to live and enjoy my life.”

And, after living under a cloud for so long, Angela made the most of her new-look self.

“My self esteem was a lot higher and I got compliments which I never got before. I could walk into a shop and pick clothes off the hanger which fitted me instead of having to get elasticated clothes. It was a lovely feeling.”

Angela was no longer depressed and her health problems had disappeared. Just one thing was missing from her new-found life – a partner. But that soon changed when she met Kevin Roberts.

“I’d been on my own for 10 years because I didn’t think anyone would want to date me. I had the confidence to go and find someone. I met Kevin and now we’re engaged. The best thing to come out of me losing weight was meeting Kevin.”

Last August Angela decided to become a Slimming World consultant and now runs weekly classes in Downend.

Angela said: “It changed my life so much that I wanted to help other people lose weight. It’s vocational; it’s what I want to do - to help people.”

Angela’s classes takes place at St Augustine’s Church Hall in Boscombe Crescent, Downend, every Tuesday at 9.30am, 5.30pm and 7.30pm.