Another big medal haul for Black Belt Academy

May 05 2014

STAPLE Hill’s martial arts aces have come away from another major tournament with a huge clutch of medals.

STAPLE Hill’s martial arts aces have come away from another major tournament with a huge clutch of medals.

The members of the Elite Chung Do Kwan Martial Arts ‘Black Belt Academy’ in Page Park won two gold, three silver and six bronze at the Jun Tong Taekwondo Championships in Crawley.

This follows their success at the British Championships in March, where members notched up 23 medals.

Although usually competing under the tough ‘full-contact’ version of the sport, members also regularly switch codes and compete in the semi-contact version of Taekwondo to gain more experience.

In their latest success competing under semi-contact rules, Junior Black Belt Dean Turner won a bronze medal in four divisions, with younger brother Sean taking gold in Junior Coloured Belt Patterns.

Team Captain, Senior 3rd Dan Black Belt Damien Chaney, won silver in the Men’s Black Belt Patterns category while his eight year old son Aiden won silver in the Peewee Middleweight Continuous Sparring and bronze in the Peewee Colour Belt Point stop sparring.

Seven year old Marco La-Porta pulled out all the stops to win gold in the Pee Wee Continuous light weight Sparring and silver in Point Stop Sparring.

Junior Black Belt Taylor Hardwick, 13, took bronze in the Junior Black Belt Patterns Division.

Head coach Andy Davies an 8th Dan Black Belt and former international competitor, praised the team for their success and said: “We only managed to take a small team this time as lots of members were away during the school holidays, but once again they all brought home a medal which is a fantastic achievement as the standard was incredibly high and included a number of experienced international competitors.

“We are one of only a handful of Taekwondo clubs that we know of in the country who regularly compete in both codes of the sport, usually referred to as WTF and ITF styles. In addition to that we have a small and exclusive Korean Kickboxing section who also compete under the different codes and have similarly achieved amazing success.”

The club is now offering a month of free classes for anyone interested in taking up Martial Arts. Call 07598505299