April 2018: Peters Vision

March 27 2018

Words in focus

The book ‘I Can Read with My Eyes Shut’ was apparently written after children’s writer Dr Seuss started to need glasses to help his failing eye sight.  He has been quoted many times from this book (which he dedicated to his eye specialist).  I like his encouragement to his readers, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”. 

Good advice, but suppose you find reading difficult, what then?  Well if the issue you have is just that your arms are not quite long enough anymore then come see us and we can fix you up with a pair of glasses to bring your close vision back into sharp focus.

If, as for many of our younger patients, you just find reading a challenge & chore rather than a pleasure then you should come and see us as well!  I read an interesting article recently.  The author was writing about children & young people who either find reading more difficult than they should or have a reading ability lower than expected.  

Of interest was that the author reported that three quarters (that’s a lot!) of those with reading difficulties had passed a normal sight test as they had good sight, but still had difficulty reading.  What’s this all about you may say?  Well to those in the know, vision is about so much more than just sight.  Seeing and identifying a few letters on the wall chart or reading card is not always a great indicator of actual visual performance & reading ability.

The author goes on to say that when they gave each of these patients with reading difficulties a complete binocular vision assessment they found many had binocular vision problems or visual stress; to quote a colleague ‘eyes that were just not friends!’

So if you, or a (young) person you know finds reading more difficult than it should be what next?  May I present our eye exam (NHS funded if U16).  This is more in-depth that a standard sight test, and while not a full binocular vision assessment, we can certainly look for the signs of underlying visual stress or binocular vision problems and either prescribe glasses to help or arrange further assessment to get to the root of the reading difficulties.  

Why this specialist interest in helping others with reading difficulties you may ask?  Well, if you want to know you’ll just have to come and see me!

To book an extended eye exam for yourself or those you love, please call 0117 962 2474 or 0117 965 4434.  Appointment’s can also be booked via our website, or you are very welcome to pop in to our practices in Henleaze or Fishponds and say Hi!


We look forward to seeing you soon!



Peter Turner is a Senior Optometrist at Turners Opticians in Bristol and also works part time as a Senior Optometrist at the Bristol Eye Hospital.