April 2019: Thought for the month With Paul Donovan Pastor Pendennis Good News Church

March 27 2019

Do not be anxious

Freedom from the dominant power took a long time in coming.  In the latter stages it seemed like it might not happen at all, but a history-changing event took place and the exodus happened.  I'm referring to a historical event that took place about 1445BC when God liberated the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.  If you aren’t aware of the event, you can read of it in the second book of the Bible – Exodus.
It didn't take long however for the celebrations to turn to fear, grumbling about and to the key leader and even considerations of going back.  At every stage God proved that He should be trusted as He demonstrated His power, proved His presence and supplied His provision time and time again.
God does not want you and I to fret, worry, be anxious, panic, or to be afraid about the future – he wants us to trust Him.  Yes, we all have responsibilities to fulfil, we play our part, but Jesus says, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your lives?” (Luke 12:25-31).  Worrying is more likely to take from ours from our lives, isn’t it?!
The Exodus event recorded in the Old Testament part of the Bible has been commemorated by Jews ever since in a festival called Passover.  It was at the Passover memorial meal with his closest followers that Jesus showed how he was going to bring about an even greater liberation.  No, he had not come to be a human King and he was not going to push out the Roman super-power then dominating Israel.  He was not going to take life, he was going to give life - through the giving of His own.  His body would be given, his blood poured out (now remembered by the bread and wine of communion) for the forgiveness of all our offences against God.  You see our greatest concern should not be worrying about what Brexit or tomorrow might bring, but a concern for how we act towards others and towards God.  God knows that by far our weightiest need is His forgiveness, to be made right before Him and united with Him.  To be able to say that God is my Heavenly Father, I am His child and forever in His loving care is so wonderful!
At Easter especially (though it ought to be on our minds daily), we remember that ‘God so loved the world that He gave His only Son’.  He did that so His judgement for our offences could ‘Pass-over’ us if we have accepted that it incredibly fell on His Son instead.  Those who trust in what God has done through Jesus Christ know that if God has not spared His own Son, His love is so great for us that we can trust Him for and through everything in the future too.  That doesn’t mean all will be perfect (yet!), it means we know God is good, in control and even through tough times at work for our benefit.  Will you trust Him?