APRIL 2022: News from Toby Savage, Leader of South Gloucestershire Council

March 24 2022

Working to improve our communities for the better

I AM delighted that the council is continuing its long-standing partnership with the Voice magazines with a regular column, helping to bring the latest news to you on how we are working to improve our communities for the better.

As we continue to progress out of the pandemic we return our focus solely towards our day-to-day activities, delivering on our key priorities of raising school standards, improving our local roads and public spaces and delivering you value for money – all whilst continuing to provide local leadership in our efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

Recently, the council has unveiled its plans for highways maintenance over the coming year, with many roads, paths and cycleways in communities near you set to be improved. This is part of our ongoing commitment to helping keep South Gloucestershire moving and is continuing our record £174 million investment into local highways since 2019.

Later this summer, South Gloucestershire will also join communities across the country in celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a major milestone in Her Majesty’s historic 70-year reign, and I am proud the council is helping to mark the occasion with £50,000 in grants towards local celebrations in the district, such as street parties, festivals and other events.

Finally, while this column will predominantly be for things going on in our community, the attention of many local people will undoubtedly be on the terrible events unfolding in the Ukraine. With millions of people fleeing the country, and many likely to find their way to the UK, the council is ready to step up and help, as we have done so for refugee families forced from their homes due to conflicts in the likes of Syria and Afghanistan. 

With the Government having now unveiled its plans for the Homes for Ukraine scheme, we stand ready to play our part and I am proud to know our residents will be ready to hold out the hand of friendship to any we help to resettle.