Art highlights ‘Don’t Stand By’ call

February 03 2016

THIS amazing artwork was created by Downend School to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

downend school

THIS amazing artwork was created by Downend School to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.
It received national recognition on the day, January 27, when it formed part of a film that was shown on city centre big screens across the country.
The work itself was exhibited to genocide survivors, MPs and dignitaries at the UK Commemorative Event in London.
Downend School was chosen to represent the South West in this year’s HMD, which had the theme of Don’t Stand By. The aim of the artwork was to honour those who didn’t, or don’t, ignore hatred and persecution in society.
Students of all ages worked in many different mediums to respond to the story of Hasan Hasanovic, from Srebenica, who endured a 100km march through hostile territory to escape the massacre of over 7000 Muslim men and boys.
They researched the background to the story and put together a visual library that was to help inspire their work. The students also came up with a series of words that would become a thread throughout the work, ‘RUN, RESIST, DEFY, SPEAK OUT AND ACT’.
Hundreds of pieces were created in different forms, andHead of Art Mr Campbell wascommissioned to paint two portraits of Hasan. A-level photography students made Hasan’s story the inspiration for their work. ICT students based their Photoshop work around it and the art club created powerful images from lino cuts.
The culmination of the project was a whole day of activities where students from across the school took part in a series of tasks designed to focus on the root causes of genocide.
They looked at the history of the Holocaust, the idea of ‘other’, how language is used within the media and within propaganda.
Students then put the finished piece together, with the help of Innovation Centre manager Nick Smith and art teacher Thea Kelly.