Bid to reduce Acacia Road speed limit

December 22 2020

A BUSY road in Staple Hill could have its speed limit cut to 20mph.
South Gloucestershire Council is asking for views on reducing the limit on Acacia Road from 30mph and introducing a series of speed bumps to slow traffic down.
It says there have been six accidents on the road in a five-year period, four of them involving pedestrians or cyclists and three resulting in serious injuries.
A consultation on the new speed limit and traffic calming measures has been launched by the council. It follows a residents' petition raised two years ago by ward councillor Ian Boulton and former colleague Shirley Potts.
Acacia Road links Staple Hill with the Hillfields estate and is used as a through route by drivers heading between Downend, Fishponds, Kingswood and beyond.
Explaining the measures, the council said three pedestrians and a cyclist had been involved in collisions on Acacia Road between 2014 and last year, describing it as "a high severity ratio involving vulnerable road users".
The 20mph limit will extend the length of Acacia Road from Staple Hill High Street to the Bristol boundary, where it becomes Hillfields Avenue and is subject to a 20mph limit.
The council said: "The average speeds on Acacia Road are too high to implement a sign-only 20mph limit, therefore South Gloucestershire Council is proposing to introduce traffic calming."
To slow traffic down the council plans to install five sets of speed cushions – bumps in the middle of each lane – between the Upper Station Road junction and the High Street, by the railway path entrance, south of the Acacia Avenue junction and outside the chip shop north of the Portland Street junction.
A speed table – a single elongated bump, which stretches from kerb to kerb – would be installed between the Kensington Road and Southernhay junctions.
Councillor Boulton said: “For some time we have been working with residents of Acacia Road and surrounding streets to raise the issue of speeding vehicles that have caused a number of casualties in recent years.
"Not only do we have to consider residents of the road, we also need to remember the children from nearby primary and nursery schools who use this route.As a result of the residents' concerns this proposal has now been prepared, which I hope will reduce the number of casualties on this busy road."
The consultation closes on December 14.
People can respond online at the consultations section of South Gloucestershire Council's website or by calling 01454 868004.