Bringing history to life

October 22 2021

Bringing history to life
PUPILS at Frenchay Primary School have been experiencing the sights and smells of life in the past for a history project.
Year 4 and 5 children in Phoenix Class even poked sticks into some Stone Age 'poo' - made by a teacher using mud, oats and straw – to see how archaeologists find out about people's lives from what they leave behind.
Head teacher Katherine Marks said: "The children thought it was smelt awful!"
They also created cave art, using pictures and techniques from prehistoric times, and made stone age tools and weapons, models of Stonehenge and villages.
The class has also been studying the Bronze Age and Iron Age, including reading a story set in the ancient village of Skara Brae, in Orkney, called The Boy with the Bronze Axe, using it to inspire descriptive writing.