Bromley Tea Room is given the stamp of approval

January 30 2017

A NEW café is set to open its doors in Bromley Heath after planning permission was granted to alter the post office in Quakers Road.


A NEW café is set to open its doors in Bromley Heath after planning permission was granted to alter the post office in Quakers Road.

The new owners want to make The Bromley Tea Room an upmarket café which will retain the post office counter so this service won’t be lost to residents.

Local woman Leanne Hurkett, 22, will manage the cafe, drawing on half a decade of experience of working in and running cafes in Bristol. She has spent all her life living in Bromley Heath and attended Bromley Heath Infant and Junior schools.

Her father, Barry, has been responsible for obtaining the planning permission and will organise the refit of the existing post office.

Before the café plans were approved, the existing post office faced closure because the leaseholder needed to retire due to ill health.

Now it will have a counter at the side of the new café.

Barry said: “We hope the two businesses will bounce off each other. People will come in to post a letter, then stay and have a coffee.

“We’re very grateful to all the support we’ve had from local people on the planning application, as well as on Facebook.”

Once legalities of the lease and permission to run the post office are tied up, a full refit of the premises will begin. The post office counter will be partitioned off and remain open while major works take place including installing gas, heating and hot water to the premises.

Background work for the café’s website and logo is already underway, and it’s hoped the café will open some time in the first half of 2017.

Numerous residents expressed support for the café on Bromley Heath’s Facebook page, and 11 sent support comments to South Gloucestershire Council ahead of the planning decision. There were no comments of objection submitted.

Neighbour Annette Southard told the council: “I pass by the post office on my way to and from work and use it on a regular basis. I think a nice coffee shop serving good coffees and cakes would be a super idea. I would use it both to take away and also to meet friends who live locally.”

Local resident Carrie Thomas also submitted support for the planning application.

She said: “I think the area of Bromley Heath would hugely benefit from a coffee shop, as the nearest coffee shop is Downend High Street. I also think it still requires a post office so this would be the perfect idea.”

The new café is likely to be open from 8am to 5.30pm, six days a week, and will create jobs for two full-time and four part-time employees.