Can you help Jayni give her book its wings?

October 09 2015

A DOWNEND woman has just 24 hours before she finds out if her first book will be published - and you can help her.

Author and musician Jayni Tremaine

A DOWNEND woman has just 24 hours before she finds out if her first book will be published - and you can help her.
Musician Jayni Tremaine has penned a children’s Christmas book based on the lyrics of a carol she composed for her three children.
The book, called Sing Gabriel Sing, tells the story of the Nativity through words and illustrations and comes with a CD of the carol.
It has attracted interest from an independent publisher called Britain’s Next Bestseller where readers decide the books that get published, essentially giving them the power to launch an author’s career.
This means in order for them to publish the illustrated book and its accompanying CD, Jayni has to prove there is enough interest in it by generating a minimum of 350 pre-sale orders by September 25.
At the time of going to print, Jayni had already reached 313 sales, meaning that readers of Downend Voice could help her reach her target.
Jayni, 52, said a chance meeting with Fishponds illustrator Lucea Eldemire had inspired her to turn her carol into a book.
“I was in a shop in Fishponds and saw this a tired mum with a baby in a pushchair. She sighed very loudly as I walked past and, having children myself,  I sympathised with how she was feeling.
“We starting talking and just had this empathy so we agreed to meet. We got to know each other quite well and a few months later at Christmas time I was playing my carol to one of my grandchildren and just decided to phone her up and ask her if she was interested in turning the story into a book.
“She agreed and Sing Gabriel Sing went from being a song to being a fully illustrated book with music.”
Jayni said the CD features her 3.30-minute carol which she sings and plays guitar on.
As well being a stand alone hardback book, it can also be used as a teaching aid and features a Sing Together page with sheet music and lyrics so that anyone who plays guitar can perform the carol.
Jayni said: “The carol lends itself to telling the nativity story anyway so it has become the narrative of the book. It’s a brilliant reading aid for children as they pick up music more quickly than they can read in some cases. There is also research to suggest music and rhythm help children with their learning.”
The first 350 people who order the 24-page book can have their name or the name of a nominated child or organisation printed inside in the final published version.
They can also benefit from a reduced price of £9.99 instead of be £14.99 and will get the book two weeks ahead of publication.
Jayni said the pressure was on to reach the target.
“It’s like crowdfunding but for literature. We will be offered a publishing deal if we can get 350 orders in six weeks. It’s mad!”
In a bid to reach the 350 pre-sales required, Jayni and Lucea have been busy giving presentations about the book to various pre-schools and churches including Little Hayes and Staple Hill Methodist Church pre-schools, Fishponds Baptist Church and the Vintage Community Church.
The presentations include a film which shows the pages of the book being turned while Jayni plays the carol live on her guitar.
Jayni said: “I am passionate about this book. I feel certain aspects of the Christmas story have been lost. We wanted to put the magic back into children’s literature.
“I remember my Christmases as a child with great excitement and magic. I remember hearing the Christmas story and thinking what a wonderful miraculous story it was.
“Both myself and Lucea feels this story truly tells the Nativity in a delightful and unusual way through words, art and music.”
Jayni said she hoped Downend Voice readers would help support her publishing dream.
“There are many benefits to pre-ordering the book, including the price and being able to see your child’s name in it, but they will live with the knowledge that they gave this project its wings so that the book can delight other children in the future.”
If the book reaches its pre-sales target, it will become available online and from selected bookshops from mid November.
To pre-order the book or find out more, visit