Chance to meet disability charity

May 30 2019

MEMBERS of a charity which helps disabled people lead independent lives will be on hand during Party in the Park to talk about their work.

Remap is a national charity that works through local groups of skilled volunteers to help disabled people achieve independence and a better quality of life by designing and making equipment.
Remap, which was established more than 50 years ago, has 25 volunteers in the Bristol area with 900 nationwide.
Chair of the Bristol branch Clive Brett said: “Our focus at Remap is to give people independence because we know how important this is. Many people have a physical impairment of some sort. But your life changes if you have to rely on others all the time. By making a piece of equipment specifically for an individual, tailored to their needs, we can often help them become that bit more independent. Remap gives disabled people the joy of independence.
“We are pleased to give people our equipment free of charge. This is because we are a charity and are not trying to make money. All our running costs are covered by donations from charities and our volunteers give their time for free.”
Remap is keen to recruit new members to help expand the range of help that it offers.  
Clive said: “It is not just the design and building that we need members for, there are plenty of opportunities to help with the running of the group, for example with fundraising and publicity.”
If you would like to help email You can visit to see examples of Remap's work.
If you, or a friend, have a need for a device, or an adaptation to an existing item, that is not commercially available, contact Sally at