Changes to postbox collections

October 05 2014

THE last collection of the day from many postboxes in the Downend area is now in the morning rather than late afternoon.

post box

THE last collection of the day from many postboxes in the Downend area is now in the morning rather than late afternoon.

Royal Mail has brought in a change so that the posties who deliver our letters also empty the boxes.

It means that if you want something to be delivered the next day, you will need to make sure it is in your local postbox first thing in the morning – or find a box with a later collection.

The new system, being phased in since September 15, has come about because of a fall in the number of letters being posted. Royal Mail says volumes have fallen by 33 per cent since the 2005 high point, meaning that many postboxes no longer cover their costs.

It insists that no one will be too far from a postbox with a late collection.

One of the boxes affected is in Peache Road. A mum who runs two businesses fr om home said the change would be very inconvenient as she used to post her mail on her way to collect her children from Stanbridge Primary School.

“I suppose I will have to walk for ten minutes in another direction now – or get the car out and drive to a different postbox, ” she said.

“Not long ago, this postbox used to have a 3pm and a 5pm collection. The 3pm one was dropped, which I can understand, but losing the late collection is a problem for me and for a lot of other people. I have written to the Royal Mail to complain.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We would also like to reassure all our customers that we will retain a high level of access to late collection posting facilities (4pm or later).For this reason, existing postboxes further than half a mile from a late posting facility are not included as part of these changes.

“In the BS16 postcode sector, around 30 post-boxes will move to the new collection on delivery arrangement across Downend, Emersons Green, Fishponds and Frenchay. The majority of postboxes will retain a 4pm or later final collection as they have now.

“Collection on delivery means the mail collection from certain postboxes will be carried out by the local postman or woman on their delivery route, at a time dependent on where the box is located on that route. This will typically be between 9am and 3pm in urban and suburban areas.

“The decisions are final, however Royal Mail has taken representations regarding the 2,000 additional boxes it has committed to introducing.  We will investigate the case of the postbox on Peache Road separately as this may not be related to the current changes being introduced.”

The watchdog Ofcom says most users do not choose their postbox based on time of collections.

A spokesman said: “Ofcom recognises the need for Royal Mail to become more efficient so it can sustain a universal postal service that consumers value highly.”