Charlotte raises money for Hub

July 29 2019

MOST seven-year-olds have yet to develop a social conscience but not Charlotte Normanton.

Charlotte raises money for Hub
The Tynings School pupil felt so passionate that other children and their parents shouldn't go hungry that she decided to do something about it.
Along with mum Emma, Charlotte arranged a meeting with deputy head teacher Angela Berger to see if the Tynings could help stamp out hunger in the local community.
Mrs Berger said the school would be delighted to help so Charlotte told her about her plans to hold a non-school uniform day to raise money for Staple Hill Community Hub, a charity which aims to improve the lives of local people.
One of the services the Hub offers is an Emergency Food Cupboard, which helps people who are unable to afford transport to get to a food bank, and Charlotte was keen to support this.
Mrs Berger said: “Although only seven years old, Charlotte spoke to the whole school in assembly to explain what she was hoping to achieve, and produced posters to inform the local community. She also communicated with the Community Hub to let them know about her plans.”
Following the successful non-school uniform day, Charlotte presented a giant cheque for £310 to Shirley Potts, chair of Staple Hill Community Hub.
Mrs Berger added: “Charlotte displayed excellent organisation and communication skills, and clearly cares about her local community. We are so proud of Charlotte. We think she would be an amazing prime minister!”
Charlotte's mum Emma said her daughter had supported the Hub previously: “I explained to Charlotte that we are lucky that we have a roof over our head and always have food on the table but some people can't afford to eat. She asked me if we could buy some food for those people. We put a post on Facebook and Cllr Ian Boulton recommended Staple Hill Community Hub which has a food cupboard.
“Charlotte spent £10 of her own money in the supermarket and then donated food to the Hub.Then, when we went to London, we saw a lot of homeless people in the street. Charlotte stopped for one man and asked me if I could give him her packet of crisps that were in my bag.  I'm very proud that at a young age Charlotte has such compassion for other people.”