Cider plans ripen

March 03 2014

PLANS for a cider collective in Bromley Heath are moving forward at speed

cider planting downend

PLANS for a cider collective in Bromley Heath are moving forward at speed.

Last month, Downend Voice revealed how a group of residents wanted to grow their own apples and turn them into delicious scrumpy cider to be shared out amongst members.

Now the group has been given permission to plant varieties at Leap Valley Community Orchard at Baugh Farm and have wasted no time getting them put in the earth.

Engineer Vincent Veasey, 41, who came up with the idea, said although it was a long-term project, it has got off to a flying start.

“Unusually the weather was great and the planting went well. We got six trees in with space for three more plus three in gardens. 

“We can sit back and let nature take its course. Each year a bit of pruning may be required to get the best shape from the trees to encourage growth and crop. If we get a crop this year it will be very small. We can however mix the apples we get with eaters which are plentiful in the area until year by year the crop increases and the eaters can be reduced. Even then we can choose to blend, keep the cider to exclusively cider apple varieties or even produce different batches.”

Vincent added: “I would like to thank Angie Flack, Mary Lewis and John Morris for their time and effort helping in this project.”