Club's getting set for 2021

September 30 2020

THE end of was a short but successful season came all too quickly for Carsons and Mangotsfield Cricket Club.
As there were no formal leagues the decision was taken to give youth a chance in both the 1st and 2nd teams. This decision paid off, with the 2nd team winning their pod.
As well as strong performances on the pitch, the highlight for the club was the creation of a 4th team, and on the last Saturday of the season having 50 players available for selection. This was a significant achievement, given that four years ago the club struggled to field two teams.
With club membership thriving and more cricket due to be played on the club’s second square, in addition to the club’s plans to have a women and girls section in 2021, the club applied to Emersons Green Town Council for a grant of £2,950 to have their artificial wicket taken up. Unfortunately, the artificial wicket had been vandalised by people having barbecues on it. The damage caused meant it was unusable and dangerous.
Following the last weekend of the season the artificial wicket and the stone base was removed by excavator. To fill the void, 16 tons of soil was delivered to the ground on a lorry.
Club chairman Andy King said: “We were concerned that the lorry wouldn’t make it up the embankment, as on the day of delivery the ground was wet and soft. Thankfully, after several attempts, the lorry made it up on to the top pitch. The alternative was to move the soil by hand, which wasn’t appealing!
"The club would also like to thank Emersons Green Town Council for the grant, which we believe will benefit the community.”
After several days of hard work by club members, the soil was levelled off and then reseeded. The work was done in conjunction with the regular end-of-season renovation work. By removing the artificial wicket, the club now has six wickets on the top square.   
  Ian Coles