Community spirit helps retrieve stolen bicycle

August 27 2019

A TEENAGER who had her bike stolen as she was delivering Emersons Green Voice has been reunited with her cycle thanks to social media and a kindhearted resident.

Maddie Barnett was cycling on her round on Friday August 2 and locked her bike to a lamppost at around 4pm whilst she put copies of the publication through letterboxes.
But when she returned 40 minutes later she discovered her bike was gone and all that was left was the lock cable which had been cut to take the bike.
The 15-year-old rang 101 to report the theft while mum Helen Buick posted a photo of the stolen bike on the community Facebook group Emersons Green Mums.
The post was shared online by Adam Harrison who leads Lyde Green's Neighbourhood Watch.
Maddie's mum Helen Buick said: “An hour later I had a Facebook messenger “phone call” from local resident Angela Beard who had found Maddie’s bike abandoned between Boots and Lyde Green. Angela stayed with the bike until we could collect it.
“It was good to have local residents showing such community spirit and helping to reunite Maddie with her bike.”
Maddie, a student at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, was also helped by her pals, brothers Tim and Rhys Harris, who helped deliver the rest of her papers.
Helen said: “Having read the recent arrest of teen lads I don’t think Maddie’s bike was taken by these as they abandoned it fairly soon afterwards, although it was missing the lights and a mud guard.
“I’d like to say a big thank you  to all those who helped find the bike and who supported Maddie in her hour of need.”