Coronavirus has claimed lives of 40 people in Downend and surrounding area, new figures show

June 12 2020
Coronavirus has claimed lives of 40 people in Downend and surrounding area, new figures show

CORONAVIRUS has claimed the lives of 40 people in Downend, Emersons Green and the surrounding area, according to the latest official figures.

An in-depth breakdown from the Office for National Statistics, released today, shows deaths from every area in the country which involved COVID-19 in March, April and May.

The ONS has published an interactive online map dividing the country into small geographic areas, each with a population of around 7,500 people, and recording how many people in each area died with coronavirus.

It shows that seven people died in the area the ONS calls Downend South, which includes homes near the main shopping area including those off North Street, Downend Road and Salisbury Road.

Another four died in the ONS’s Downend North area, which includes Bromley Heath and the area near Leap Valley.

The individual area with the highest total of COVID-19 deaths was Emersons Green, where 11 deaths were recorded. This area on the ONS map also includes parts of Mangotsfield near Blackhorse Lane and stretches into parts of Downend that lie west of Badminton Road, including the area around Aintree Drive.

Seven people died in the ONS’s Staple Hill South and Kingswood North West area, which includes Soundwell Road, Gloucester Road and Teewell Avenue, and four died in Staple Hill North, which includes the High Street, Broad Street, Teewell Hill and Station Road.

One confirmed COVID-19 death was recorded for Mangotsfield and another six coronavirus deaths were recorded in the ONS’s Frenchay and Great Stoke area, which also includes Hambrook.

Elsewhere in South Gloucestershire, 15 coronavirus-related deaths were recorded in the ONS’s Kingswood North East area, which includes homes between the High Street, New Cheltenham Road and Tenniscourt Road, while in Thornbury a total of 24 people lost their lives to the virus. Twelve of those people were residents at Beech House care home in the town. Another Thornbury care home, Grace Care Centre, also had a COVID-19 outbreak but neither the home’s operator nor the authorities have confirmed whether anyone died.

April was the deadliest month of the pandemic in most areas, with nine of the 11 deaths of Staple Hill residents, nine of the 11 Downend deaths and seven of the 11 Emersons Green fatalities happening during that month.

ONS figures released earlier in the week found that, across the whole of South Gloucestershire, 160 people had died with COVID-19 in the year to May 29.

In Bristol the total was 230.

Office for National Statistics Head of Mortality Analysis Sarah Caul said the South West “continued to have the lowest mortality rate overall and during each of the last three months”.

She added: “People living in more deprived areas have continued to experience COVID-19 mortality rates more than double those living in less deprived areas. General mortality rates are normally higher in more deprived areas, but COVID-19 appears to be increasing this effect.”