Could you be a Friend?

October 28 2016

A RESIDENT is hoping to start up a formal Friends group for Oldbury Court.

A RESIDENT is hoping to start up a formal Friends group for Oldbury Court.

Fiona Gleed, who has lived in Fishponds for more than 15 years, has tried before to get a group together to support the park. She hopes it will now take off because of the number of people who are upset over the plans to cut the café opening hours.

After an initial appeal on Facebook, Fiona has had a handful of local people volunteer to be involved but she is still looking for more who would be willing to meet up and agree a structure, aims and a name. 

Fiona is hoping the group will be an advocate for the park and potentially get more hands-on with conservation work and fund-raising.

She said: “We’ve been trying to get this started for a few years so there have been various people involved, including Mark Logan and Steve England who are actively involved with Snuff Mills and Stoke Park, which are also in the Frome Valley. 

“Our local councillors, Lesley Alexander and Nicola Bowden Jones have been very supportive and are helping to make sure we can contact people who don’t have access to Facebook.

“By having a formal group, we can work with Bristol City Council to ensure that the limited funds available are spent as effectively as possible.  

“We can help establish priorities, and may be able to support the maintenance team with volunteer labour or hold events that raise funds for specific projects.”

Once enough people have joined the Friends group, the first meeting will take place at an agreed venue, date and time. Details will be publicised on Facebook and notices will be put up locally.

If you would be interested in helping to get the Friends Group started please contact Fiona through the Oldbury Court Estate Facebook group or contact one of the councillors. 

For more information on what Friends groups do in other areas please visit