Cue much hilarity as group plays for laughs

May 30 2017

A DRAMA group is presenting a comedy offering following the sell-out success of its Christmas panto.

A DRAMA group is presenting a comedy offering following the sell-out success of its Christmas panto.

St Stephen's Drama Group was delighted after tickets for the festive Bluebeard sold like hot cakes.

But thoughts soon turned to their summer show - and they've decided to lighten the mood with a comedy extravaganza.

Featuring a double bill of one act plays, the group will start off with Corner’s Last Case, written by renowned playwright Martin Ward. 

The comedy murder mystery revolves around the hunt for the notorious Butcher of Baker Street and reveals the internal strife of the local police force. 

For the second helping of humour, the group will perform And the Bride Wore… by Cheryl Barrett. 

Set in an upmarket bridal shop, the play features family squabbles, personal insults and the mud slinging between two families who hate each other but are brought together by a family wedding. 

The drama group are trying a new format of two plays instead of one as they want to include as many members as possible in their productions. 

Chairwoman Caroline Ball said: “We have come a long way from the early days of scraping by. Now, we are able to bring so much to the local area by doing something we all really enjoy and I hope it shows in our performances. 

"As with any show we do, we have all worked really hard, but judging by the responses to our last show, Bluebeard, the audiences love and appreciate it. 

"Our success has meant that more people want to join in the fun and we’ve recently had to open up a waiting list for new members.”

This year’s summer show also gives the opportunity for new talent to come through with the emergence of two new producers. After being a member of the group for two years, Alice Hall decided to expand her skills by taking on the high profile position for Corner’s Last Case.

Alice said: “When I was approached to produce the summer show, I have to admit to being very apprehensive but the group are so supportive and help me all the way. It’s still a stressful responsibility though but I hope the audience love it as much as we do.”

The other novice producer, George Jefferies, was initially stunned when asked to produce. “It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a while and I’m keen on writing my own plays, so to be given this opportunity is amazing,” he said.

The Comedy Extravaganza runs from June 15 to 17 from 7.30pm at St Stephen’s Church Hall, Church Road, Soundwell, Bristol, BS16 4RH, with refreshments and raffle during the interval. Tickets are £6 and can be purchased via