Customer's cancer inspires shop to support charity

July 29 2019

STAFF and customers at a Downend shop are helping to support efforts to beat breast cancer.

Customer's cancer inspires shop to support charity
Bride at Home Boutique has been making a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every dress sold during July.
Jan Wright of Bride at Home said staff had been inspired by customer Linda Wiggan, who has been battling cancer.
“Seeing Linda go through everything she has and hearing her story, our hearts were touched and we are dedicated to doing what we can do make a difference, for Linda and for all the other beautiful ladies with a story like Linda's,” said Jan.
The shop teamed up with Hanham Youth Club’s Project Xclusive Friday night group, who made a piece of artwork for Bride at Home’s front window to raise awareness of the fundraising month.
Jan said: “They are an amazing group of young people selected from each year group to take part in project work provided by Creative Youth Network and funded by the parish council.
“Each young person took on a role and was spoken to about the fundraising and about breast cancer and what signs to look out for. We loved having them a part of this fundraiser and are very grateful for their hard work.We want to take this opportunity to thank each bride who has bought from us for their donations, as well as thanking Breast Cancer Research for their on-going hard work to beating cancer. ”
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