Customers not happy with Sainsbury’s layout ‘trial’

November 04 2015

CHANGES to the Sainsbury’s store in Emersons Green are proving controversial.

CHANGES to the Sainsbury’s store in Emersons Green are proving controversial.
The supermarket closed for a week for a revamp so it could be turned into one of six locations to try out a new style of shopping.
But dozens of customers have taken to social media to complain that the range of food on sale has been drastically reduced.
Shoppers claim that up to 5,000 lines have been removed so that more space can be given over to clothing and consumer goods. Items no longer available include cornflour and Basics fruit juice while the choice of staples such as pasta, bread and frozen food have been cut, they say.
Downend Voice asked Sainsbury’s how many lines had been taken out but the chain declined to say.
Other complaints included the siting of the pharmacy in the far corner, which makes it difficult to access for people who are infirm, and the “illogical” layout. A do-it-yourself bread slicer also came in for criticism.
The new layout includes moving the sandwiches from by the entrance to the centre of the store, increasing the space for clothes on the left, putting the freezers in the middle and creating space for phones and tablets on the far side. The revamp also provides a self scanning system, but this is not yet operational.
Customers voiced their concerns on Facebook and Twitter, with more than 40 individual comments being passed to store managers.
In response to questions about the number  of food lines, whether customers had been consulted, and whether the company would act on shoppers’ concerns, Sainsbury’s told the Voice:
“Emersons Green store is one of six across the country that has been chosen to test out a number of innovations that we hope will give customers more choice and make shopping more pleasant, easier and quicker for them. For example, the Food to Go section is now at the front of the store nearer the checkouts, for people who want to buy a quick bite to eat. That’s why we’ve put the bakery at the front too - we’re getting great feedback about the revamped bakery, especially the patisserie section, with its enhanced range; the cakes baked in-store are selling like… cakes!
“For customers who want take more time to browse and get inspiration for home and technology purchases, we’ve improved those areas too, with more space, improved choice and trained colleagues on hand to help customers with their purchases.  And Emersons Green store now has the full Tu clothing range for women, men and children and this is proving to be really popular with our customers.  Interestingly, the feedback we’ve had from customers about the relocation of the pharmacy has been very positive – they prefer the privacy that the new location gives them.
“Overall, the vast majority of customers tell us that they want to pay as quickly as possible, which is why there are more checkout options to suit customers with baskets and those with small or large trolleys.
“The important thing is we want to get it right for our customers. We’re listening to them about what works and also what doesn’t work in their store.”