Drinking fountain needs makeover

August 25 2017

PAGE Park's historic drinking fountain is next in line for a make over.

PAGE Park's historic drinking fountain is next in line for a make over.

The Friends of Page Park have raised £9,500 to refurbish the fountain so it can be brought back to use.

The stone fountain was put in place in 1912 and was paid for by the people of Staple Hill as a thank you to Alderman Arthur William Page who, two years previously, gave up some of his garden to create the 19-acre park for the community. 

The drinking fountain, by the toilets, has been out of action for years but in its heyday was a popular attraction for visitors. Birds and dogs were also able to drink from wells around its base. 

A total of £1,500 has been given to the Friends by the Drinking Fountain Association with another £8,000 from Churngold Environment Fund via a grant managed by the Quartet Community Foundation in Bristol.

Friends vice chair Steph Purser said: "We are delighted to receive funding for the fountain. It hasn't been working for quite a few years because the inside mechanisms just don't work any more and they all need replacing. We also will need new vandal-proof spouts and a new plaque. 

"The fountain has to be taken apart to find out exactly what is wrong then put back together again and connected up to a water supply. Then there's stone work to do as there was a stone dome on top of it originally so we want to replicate that.

"It's just standing there looking derelict at the moment but hopefully we can start the work over the winter. It will be something for people to use and help the wildlife. It's another part of the restoration programme to bring the park back to its former glory."