Enough is enough!

July 01 2016

There is a time when enough is enough

There is a time when enough is enough. Anyone who has driven or walked though Mangotsfield lately will be hit by the massively overgrown grass and paths. We're not just talking about the verges on the main roads, but also if you go into the side roads, we're also taking about the little community grassed areas and supposed paths through them.
Grass cutting - or the lack of it - is a big issue and needs resolving.
Near misses in our street are more or less a daily occupancy due to the neglected hedges and grasses which are overgrown and reduce visibility as a result. There will be an accident - we just pray that it's between two cars and resolvable via insurance companies, and not a child and car resulting in a funeral.
Some of these smaller areas are where up until a few years ago, children took it for granted to play. They played football, had picnics, laid out all their dolls and imagined another world - they had a safe place to 'be children'.
In the 12yrs I have lived here, our little patch of grass has seen street parties for many local and national celebrations -  you couldn’t ask for more from a community space.
 Despite all this, it appears our council has failed to understand or take into account the impact of our community space and has constantly ignored two years of complaints and requests to listen, replying with 'it's council policy' time and again.
I have simply commented on 'our grass' in 'our road', however, I am sure each little community within Mangotsfield has its own story to tell.
There are areas of grass in Mangotsfield which are being cut every 15 DAYS - that makes for quite a nice lawn - and others that are cut just TWICE a YEAR - that makes for a nice hiding place for glass, cans, dog waste and who knows what else - last year we found a garden chair when the grass was eventually cut!
You really don't have to be Tim Peake to see the inequality and complete unacceptability of this policy to simply follow a land designation map. Whilst everyone accepts that money has been cut from budgets (different argument as to whether that's right or not), to let whole communities fall into a dangerous and unacceptable state is not something that can continue.
Common sense would suggest that the resources available be shared equally among those communities and as such all areas get cut 5/6 times a year.
Only today, June 21 , on hearing of further local action and unrest, the council have agreed to up the number of grass cuts from two to three a year. I can assure them that this will not go far enough to appease the situation.
I urge all residents to contact their local councillors and ask them what they feel about the situation, and if anything, what they are willing to do to resolve it!
The residents of Valley Road