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June 10 2013

Why you should update your browser with Bristol Computer Fix

A WEB browser is the software on your computer that you use to access the internet. Although many PC users stick to a preferred web browser it is vital to make sure you are running the most recent version of your browser of choice and here’s why... Read More

June 10 2013

Free rabbit health check with Avenue Vets

WE are finally enjoying some warmer weather which means we will soon start to see cases of flystrike in rabbits. Flies are attracted to rabbits whose back ends have become soiled with faeces or urine, and lay eggs in the fur. The eggs soon hatch out into maggots which then burrow into the rabbit’s flesh, releasing toxins that make the rabbit very unwell and can be rapidly fatal. A wriggling mass of maggots is like something out of a third-rate horror movie. .. Read More

June 10 2013

June Staple Hill feature pages

June Staple Hill feature pages.. Read More

May 03 2013 Staple Hill Shopping

Staple Hill Shopping

Staple Hill Shopping.. Read More

May 03 2013 Cleve Hill Hospital

Cleve Hill Hospital

Undated photograph.. Read More

May 02 2013

Thought for the month

Spring - a time to remember God's gift of life.. Read More

May 02 2013

Police Matters

The new Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens, visited Downend in March to launch the anti-social behaviour part of her Police and Crime Plan... Read More

May 02 2013

Computer Tips

Every cloud - a guide to online storage.. Read More

March 14 2013

Holiday Decision Time

MANY people think about booking summer holidays at this time of year. Do you take your pets with you?.. Read More

March 14 2013

Vets Advice

Veterinary advice from AVC Vets.. Read More