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October 02 2017

500 years since the Reformation

What was it and why does it matter?.. Read More

May 30 2017

On The Beat: June 2017

I’m delighted to tell you that my colleague PC James Rochford has been named Avon and Somerset’s Neighbourhood Officer of the Year. .. Read More

May 30 2017

Remember - your bunny needs a buddy

THIS month, in conjunction with Rabbit Awareness Week, here at Avenue Veterinary Centre we are celebrating bunnies for the entire month of June! Rabbit Awareness Week is an event held each year across the whole of the UK. .. Read More

May 30 2017

May 02 2017

The vital work of the Veterinary Nurse

The month of May celebrates National Veterinary Nurse Month, which aims to increase awareness of the importance of the Veterinary Nursing profession in the provision of responsible pet care... Read More

May 02 2017

On The Beat: May 2017

We often have an increase in reports of so-called ‘doorstep crime’ at this time of year. .. Read More

October 28 2016

The reason for the season

Like many of our long held celebrations now in the UK, this month we may attend a bonfire and firework display without actually giving any thought to why we do so. We might have some remembrance of things taught us at school and pull out the facts during a quiz, but generally the enjoyment of the event has replaced the reason for the event. .. Read More

October 28 2016

Join the Neighbourhood Watch team

DID you know that joining Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most effective things you can do to prevent burglary? Members are around six times less likely to have their homes broken into... Read More

October 28 2016

Cleeve Wood Road Shops Christmas Event 2016

WITH just over eight weeks until Christmas, you might want to think about pencilling in a shopping event where you can make a big difference to local charities. .. Read More

October 03 2016

View the Stunning Range of Windows, Doors, Rooflights and Conservatories at Crystal Clear’s New Showroom

View and touch Crystal Clear’s extensive range of doors, windows and rooflights at their brand new Bristol showroom in Brislington. .. Read More