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October 03 2016

Look after your pets

Remember, remember the fifth of November...autumn is my favourite time of the year, and bonfire night at King George V fields is not to be missed, but the whizzes and bangs that delight the child in all of us can be absolutely miserable for our furry friends... Read More

August 26 2016

Acupuncture for dogs

Otis has a wonderful personality – he charges through life full of enthusiasm. It led him into trouble when he didn’t see a chest-height metal fence whilst running full tilt and barrelled into it – ouch! Six months later he was still pretty miserable despite painkillers and hydrotherapy and his owner was missing that ebullient personality and fed up of restricting his exercise to lead-walking. .. Read More

August 26 2016

Faster, stronger, higher

Well I couldn’t resist. The Olympics only come round every 4 years after all, and although my body was advising me otherwise, and I was still recovering from a rather exhausting stint leading a teenage youth camp, I stayed up deep into the small hours of the night to watch Andy Murray pummel his way to his second Olympic gold and Usain Bolt demolish the field to retain his 100m crown. .. Read More

November 26 2014

Forestry enterprise keeps on growing

From a back garden in Frenchay to an 18-acre plantation along the M32 ‘green corridor’ into Bristol, Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm has steadily grown over the last 20 years... Read More

May 05 2014

Change one thing!

Rabbits are the third most popular pets in Britain but are often sadly neglected, having been sold as low maintenance ‘children’s pets’. They do make lovely pets but still require the time and commitment to their care and welfare that every animal needs. Rabbits are not just for Easter, they are a ten year commitment! .. Read More

March 31 2014

May you find kindness in the chaos

Thought for the month with With Paul Donovan Pendennis Evangelical Church Pendennis Road Staple Hill, Bristol .. Read More

March 31 2014

Vulnerable time for wildlife

It’s official! Spring has finally arrived and with it wildlife newborns who are starting to explore the world around them... Read More

March 03 2014

Brighter tomorrows

With Minister Tim Groves Resound Church, Mangotsfield, Bristol.. Read More

March 03 2014

Keep an eye out for stolen number plates

We’re asking you to be on the alert for criminals stealing number plates from cars and vans... Read More

January 30 2014

Don’t worry about the rain, just enjoy splashing in the puddles

With Rev Jonathan Vickery Christ Church, Downend The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. Any fool can do it; there ain’t nothing to it. .. Read More