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November 26 2013

Staple Hill Computers Business of the month

Staple Hill Computers Business of the month feature.. Read More

November 26 2013

Stems Florist Flexkom International launch

Stems Florist Flexkom International launch 2013.. Read More

October 31 2013

Remember, remember the fifth of November?

With Paul Donovan(Pastor)Pendennis Evangelical Church.. Read More

September 26 2013

The silent work of community

I HAVE a quirky habit. I enjoy watching my favourite films with the sound off. I like to see the space the actors occupy on the screen. I like to blunt one of my senses and re-experience the familiar with a newfound freshness. You may think me mad, but we’ve all done it…in one form or another... Read More

August 28 2013

Simple weight loss tips

As a personal trainer I have helped a number of people to lose weight. Here are some tips that have proved useful to the people I have helped... Read More

August 28 2013

Conquer your fear of flying

AS part of the Summer Sunday services for all ages at Christ Church we’ve been treated to some stories from Monty Mouse (who has a strong following on Facebook). One week, the children heard about a rather nervous baby bird who was too frightened to go near the edge of the nest in case he fell out. As time went on and the little bird grew, his mother started to call him to come to the edge and, well, launch off into thin air! After much persuasion from the adult bird (and the congregation) the young one took courage and, with a little nudge, went for it, trusting his parent in spite of the evidence! .. Read More

August 28 2013

A chip on his shoulder

New legislation has recently been announced that means all dogs must be microchipped to permanently identify them by April 2016. For those not familiar with the technology, a microchip is a small device the size and shape of a grain of rice that is implanted just under the skin between the shoulder blades and then read with a hand-held scanner. The microchip works like a barcode to give the animal a unique 15 digit number that is then registered on a national database with the keeper’s contact details. It is likely that a substantial fine will be introduced for non-compliance. It is already a legal requirement that all dogs wear a collar and a tag which states the keeper’s name and address, with a maximum fine of £5000. It is a good idea, though not compulsory, to have phone numbers for the keeper and the animal’s vet included... Read More

August 28 2013

Long live the laptop — How to look after one

IN last month’s Downend Voice we looked at buying a new laptop or desktop PC. Desktop machines tend not to get broken that often (we probably get 10 - 15% of jobs being desktops) but laptops are a whole different story. So you’ve bought a brand new laptop but how should you look after it to make sure it lasts you a long time. Here are five tips for a long laptop life.. Read More

August 28 2013

Be on the lookout for rogue traders

WE’RE working with South Gloucestershire Trading Standards after beat team officers came across a suspected ‘rogue trader’ while on patrol in Downend in August... Read More

August 03 2013

Staple Hill Feature August 2013

Staple Hill Feature August 2013.. Read More