February 2020: News from your local MP

January 28 2020

New year, new government

2020  is the year we will finally begin to see movement in Parliament, following three and a half years of paralysis.
In February we will be out of the European Union, into the transition period, negotiating our future relationship with our partners on the continent, and beginning to strike new relationships with new friends in the rest of the world.
This certainty will give us the opportunity to address the nation’s other priorities.
Not only does this allow us to move forward as a parliament to address other areas in need of attention, such as policing, health, schools, and housing, but it will also allow us to move on as a nation and come to together to start healing our fabric once Brexit as an issue is resolved.
As the Prime Minister said in his New Year’s message, we want to be a Government that works for and with everybody, regardless of how they voted in any election or referendum. We know that nobody loves this country any less for having voted to Remain and we want to work in a spirit of friendship and respect.
To show the strength of our commitment in working for everybody, one of the first things we will be doing this year will be to give the NHS the biggest cash boost in history, and to set that commitment in stone we will enshrine it in law. NHS spending is due to increase by £34bn, meaning that it will be one third higher at the end of the Parliament than at the beginning.
To further bolster this, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid has promised a ‘decade of renewal’ in his March Budget. Part of this promised shake-up will involve reorganising how funds are allocated to make Government spending fairer, as the present system heavily favours London and the South East. This will allow more investment to be made in infrastructure outside of London and the South East and I look forward to acting as your voice in Westminster, fighting for South Gloucestershire and the West of England’s fair share.
Locally, I have a number of priorities I will be working on. I plan to keep pressing for fairer funding for our schools, to ensure every child in South Gloucestershire gets the quality education they are entitled to. I will work to support our important local industries by campaigning for more defence and engineering investment, promoting apprenticeships, and advocating for a new free port. I will further be working with the Home Secretary to ensure we get additional police funding on top of the 137 additional officers Avon and Somerset will be getting in the first wave of recruitment and supporting her call for more officers to be equipped with Tasers to ensure both their safety and that of the public in difficult situations.
This year will be remembered as a watershed moment when we finally put Brexit behind us, take bold and radical steps to unleash Britain’s potential as a global power, and usher in a new era of prosperity for our country.