From blooms to bunting on the high street

June 22 2022

Downend & Bromley Heath In Bloom's Jackie Baker on the work which has gone into Downend's Platinum Jubilee decorations

From blooms to bunting on the high street

From blooms to bunting on the high street

WHAT a month In Bloom has just had – culminating in the delivery of our flowers and the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

Our woodworking crew were up and down putting up flags, crowns and around 350 metres of bunting, which was made by members of the community.

What a great job they all did – and thanks to everyone that took part.

They put up 40 barrier decorations, which were made by John and Terry, as well as 24 small crowns and a huge crown on the roundabout, made by the woodworking crew.

Our planting group planted 1,500 plants into containers, not only in the High Street but in Cleevewood, Quakers Road, the library and at the Welcome to Downend signs.

It makes me feel tired thinking about the work we undertook, but I am sure you will agree that the High Street looked fabulous as a result – thank you to everyone for all their efforts in making such a beautiful display.

We have been enjoying walking around the High Street looking at the fruits of our labours.

We have also planted up displays in Downend School. Most of these were donated as small plants by Ed at St Aldams Farm Nursery in Pucklechurch, and they have really made some beautiful displays at the front of the school. Why not have a peek in as you are passing? 

We must also thank Paul Johnson at 2601 Creative Print, in Warmley, who kindly made and donated the stencil that we used for all of our Jubilee rail displays.

There are always so many people for us to thank for supporting In Bloom, but obviously the biggest thanks always go to the volunteers in the group, who give their time willingly to make the area so beautiful.