GCSEs joy at Mangotsfield School

September 07 2015

NERVOUS grins were quickly replaced by huge smiles when students from Mangotsfield School opened those all-important brown envelopes.

NERVOUS grins were quickly replaced by huge smiles when students from Mangotsfield School opened those all-important brown envelopes.
Among the many success stories was student Tom Smith who bagged an incredible four A*s and seven As.
The teenager from Staple Hill really felt the pressure as he glanced down at his results paper and took in the results of years of hard work.
“I’m just relieved,” he said.
“Everyone at home was worried about how I would do so it’s a relief I can tell them and they won’t be disappointed.”
Gaining those exceptional grades means Tom won’t have any trouble getting into the sixth form of his choice - Cabot Learning Federation. He will study A-levels in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry.
“It means I can do the courses I want without any problems,” he said.
“I would like to go on to university to study something maths related but I’ll have a better idea once I settle into my A-level studies.”
Tom was planning to go out for a family meal to celebrate before heading off to Cornwall for a well-deserved holiday with his pals.
Elliott Merrifield, of Kingswood, was similarly delighted with his results - 7As and three Bs. He said: “I’m feeling happy - but also relieved.
“I put in a lot of hard work as I thought I have only got one shot so I might as well make it count.”
Elliott will study A-levels in geography, maths, travel and tourism and environmental studies at St Brendan’s Sixth Form College. He would love to turn his hobby and passion - trains - into a career.
“After A-levels I’d like a job or an apprenticeship on the railways. I’ve been interested in trains since I was 12. It’s a hobby I picked up from my grandpa.”
Ella Bailey had one thing on her mind when she saw her results - ice cream! The 16-year-old was heading off to Sundaes Gelato near the city centre to celebrate with her family.
Ella scooped 2A*s, 7As and one B and is off to St Brendan’s to take A-level chemistry, biology, physics and German.
“I revised from about October so I worked really hard.
“I’d love to work in medicine or be a dietician.”
Maisie Lo, of Staple Hill, had nothing but praise for the teachers who helped her achieve two A*s, six As and two Bs.
“It’s been really good here and everyone is friendly,” she said.
“The teachers are nice and are good at teaching.”
The biggest smile of the day went to statemented student George Lloyd. His three Bs and a distinction in engineering means he will achieve his dream of studying at the new combined sixth-form with Downend School.
“I was so nervous, it was ridiculous,” George, from Downend, said.
“It’s been amazing - with those results I can study in the sixth-form. I’m so happy I got the grades.”
George is looking forward to studying A-levels in physics, maths, engineering and graphics.
Deputy head Terri Chard was onhand to congratulate George.
“George has a statement of special educational needs and has had support throughout his five years at the school.
“However, the results are mainly due to his hard work and dedication and we are overjoyed George will be studying in our sixth-form.”