Generations old and young are getting involved!

May 02 2016

I have just returned from one of our planting mornings.

I have just returned from one of our planting mornings. We have been digging out 1m circles around the trees which have been planted on the grass verges on Cleeve Hill (and extension)and Bromley Heath Road. We have then planted Sarah Raven annual wild flower seeds with such exotic names as Mexican Meadow Mix in these circles. The only problem I had was that everyone else seemed to be working really hard while I spent most of my time chatting to local residents and passersby!  My excuse to everyone is that I am doing a PR exercise for the group.  I think it is great to talk to the public as they are, at the end of the day, who we are working for!
Anyway, this morning it was great as I took up my camera, as I usually do, and found that we were not all oldies (as we often are!) but we actually had a young person with us for a change. Luke is one of our member’s grandchildren and was very keen to join us this morning in helping to dig and plant. How great was that!
We are also embarking on a new venture as we have been asked by Christchurch Mothers Union to give a talk about our work to their members. We are very nervous but we do have lots of pictures of our work and we hope things will run smoothly. I will let you know how we get on next month.
Our plans for the Avenue of Flowers are also beginning to take shape and some of you may have noticed beautiful new shiny black poles appearing around the High Street. These have been put up to take the pole baskets this summer. We have also ordered all the plants for summer planting so hopefully they are growing away at Blaise nursery and will be ready for us later in the spring/summer.
Also happening this month is the new Men in the Shed group at King George V pavilion which will be making some more wooden planters for our group. If there are any men in the area with some free time who would like a bit of company then why not go along on a Tuesday morning and try it out ? I personally think there will be a lot of chatting and very little action in the first few weeks but hopefully they will get going!  
Jackie Baker