Inkie makes his mark at Stanbridge

August 27 2021

Inkie at work in Stanbridge school hall

ONE of Bristol's most renowned street artists has created a mural for a Downend primary school.
Inkie has been a key figure in the city's graffiti scene since the 1980s, has worked alongside Banksy and Massive Attack's 3D and is a curator of street art festival Upfest.
He has exhibited in America and designed video games, but his latest project is to turn Stanbridge Primary School's motto - "Be brave not perfect" - into a mural on a wall in the school hall.
Head teacher Kirby Littlewood said:  "Our motto is so important for children (and adults) in a 21st century world – we want our whole community to be able to see the value in making brave and bold decisions, and that there is no such thing as perfection.
"We are all striving for different aims and face different challenges. We don’t always need to win or to be the best, but pushing past our comfort zone and ensuring we give things a go, and value the effort rather than compare ourselves to unrealistic goals, is the important thing to protect both our mental and physical well-being."
The school is planning to work with Inkie – real name Tom Bingle – again in the future, along with other street artists, to enhance areas of its curriculum.