Inspector praises 'outstanding' pre-school

January 25 2019
Inspector praises 'outstanding' pre-school

A PRE-SCHOOL in Bromley Heath has excellent staff who prepare children “exceptionally well” for school, says the education watchdog.

Ofsted has given its highest rating – outstanding – to Wrigglypeeps pre-school in all four areas it assessed: quality of teaching, management, children’s development and outcomes.

An inspector made Ofsted’s first ever visit to the pre-school, which is in the grounds of Bromley Heath Infant School in Quakers Road, in December.

In her report, inspector Rachael Williams said: “Staff provide a highly stimulating environment with a wide range of activities and resources to entice children's learning and encourage them to make decisions for themselves.

“Staff know their children exceedingly well and plan highly motivating activities and challenges to support their next steps in learning.

“Children are exceptionally well prepared for school, especially in developing excellent communication skills, confidence to solve problems and to be independent.

“Children form very strong emotional attachments with staff. Staff are excellent at supporting children's extremely high levels of self-esteem. For example, they consistently praise children, ensuring they know what they have done well, and celebrate their achievements wholeheartedly.”

Pre-school manager Sarah Meyers said the outstanding report completed a four-year journey for the team running the pre-school, which started at the Church Centre in Quakers Road.

In 2016 they moved to a temporary building on the school site, taking over the Bromley Heath Badgers pre-school. A year ago the pre-school moved into a new building, after securing finance from the Department for Education and support from South Gloucestershire Council. It can provide places for 62 children aged from two to four.

Sarah, who had 15 years’ experience as a primary school teacher before taking over the pre-school, said she was pleased Ofsted had recognised how well staff worked to build children’s confidence and independence.

She said: “That’s the epitome of what we do; the children are at the centre of everything that we do.

“Over the last year we have been creating an environment in our new building that is really adaptable. Everyone can access all resources: children of different ages and abilities.

“The report is really positive and we have had a really good response from parents.

“We’re really confident in what we do – this outstanding Ofsted report is just the icing on the cake, really.”