Inspiring tales of local folk who’ve overcome adversity

November 05 2015

TWO Downend residents are sharing their personal stories in a new book aimed at supporting others through some of the lowest points of their lives.

TWO Downend residents are sharing their personal stories in a new book aimed at supporting others through some of the lowest points of their lives.
Mark Brimson and Tina Marie Parker are two of the many contributors featured in the book The Missing Piece in Bouncing Back.
Each of its 24 authors shares a personal story from suffering bereavement, battling their son’s cancer, overcoming fertility setbacks and even making an escape from a hail of bullets.
Mark’s life changed forever when his wife Glo passed away and credits his family and friends with helping him to carry on with life.
The company director now helps and supports friends in similar situations.
Tina Marie went on to start her own company in 2013 after surviving an abusive first marriage and bringing up a daughter with ADHD.
Tina, who went on to marry the man of her dreams, is passionate about helping parents with special needs children and speaks publicly on the subject. She also wants to help women who have been through abusive relationships.
The book is the brainchild of Bristol businesswoman Nicky Marshall, founder of Bristol-based wellbeing company Discover Your Bounce.
Spurred on by her own experience of having a stroke at the age of 40, Nicky, who lives in Warmley, said she wanted to give inspiration to others.
“During my nine years running my business I have worked with incredible, brave and resilient people who have shared some fantastic accounts of how they have bounced back from adversity,” she said.
“I thought it would be inspiring to gather people to share their stories in the hope of giving encouragement to people struggling in life.
“It was an amazing journey bringing everyone together. Some people I have known for years and others I have never met. My mum and daughters have written a chapter each too which is lovely. There were lots of tears as I read each chapter and realised the battles people have. Each person shared their good news too and the book is full of inspiration for people going through similar challenges.”
A total of 14 of the authors come from Bristol and Bath while others come from Canada, America, Australia and Switzerland.
Nicky hopes that the book reaches people that are struggling and would love to see copies in solicitors, doctors and hospitals.
“I started Discover Your Bounce with a mission to help people to bounce back from their challenges and obstacles,” Nicky said.
“Every day we hear negative stories and we are told why we can’t do things. My aim is to create a team of people to bring happiness, health and inspiration and this wonderful book has made me more determined than ever to keep making a difference.”
The Missing Piece in Bouncing Back: Inspiring Stories from Amazing People is available on Amazon at the price of £9.65.