January 2019: Vet's Advice

December 19 2018

Happy New Year from everyone at Avenue Vets

Happy New Year from all the team at Avenue Vets! It’s the time when we all turn over a new leaf, make a fresh start, and make some positive changes, so I asked our staff for their ideas on behalf of their own pets. 

Registered Veterinary Nurse Alex Brown is resolving to clean her dog Lola’s teeth every day. Dental disease is a really common problem in pet dogs and cats, and improving their oral hygiene makes a big contribution to overall heath. You need pet-safe toothpaste (as the human stuff is not designed to be swallowed) and either a soft toothbrush or a finger brush. Start slowly with short sessions and plenty of positive rewards, and work up to brushing the outside surfaces of each tooth once a day. Our vet nurses can offer lessons on how to brush your pet’s teeth.

Receptionist Shirley Stinchcombe has recently taken on new Boxer puppy Mia, so has lots of new routines to put in place. Top of the list has been ensuring Mia is well socialised, including carrying her out in a baby carrier to see a bit of the world before her vaccination course is completed. Young puppies and kittens benefit from lots gentle handling and exposure to normal sights and sounds so they grow up to be confident outgoing adults. 

Registered veterinary nurse Zana Johnson  is continuing to work on keeping her nervous cat Oski on an even keel, by improving the indoor environment so he has places he feels safe, and using the non prescription anti-anxiety supplements available from the practice. We have an advice sheet available for anyone with an anxious cat – speak to any of our qualified veterinary nurses. 

Vet Kezia Lockhart has a very spoilt bunny called Pabu who already lives in bunny luxury. Kezia has some ideas to enrich his environment further with a cardboard box fort and some toilet rolls filled with hay and gnaw sticks. Rabbits need to spend lots of time eating hay or grass to keep their teeth worn down and their digestion healthy, so enriching their environment with items that encourage them to eat roughage keeps them occupied whilst also improving their health. 

We’d love to hear your resolutions for your own pets – message us on our Facebook page or tell us at your next visit.