Just how fast is technology moving!?

May 30 2017

Consider this.

Consider this. If car technology had evolved at the same speed as the microprocessor, then the modern version of the 1971 Volkswagen Beetle would travel at 300,000 miles per hour, cost 3p to buy and use one tank of petrol in a lifetime...

Like it or not we live in an age of technology and it's not one that's slowing down. In fact it's getting faster and faster.

Unlike a few years ago people could choose whether to use this technology but these days we have little choice. It has become almost impossible to access services, get information or communicate without being 'online' in some shape or other. Many of the clients I teach, particularly the older ones, are initially very reluctant users, getting to grips with tablets and smartphones and pc's because they have to, not because they want to.

But almost all of them have realised just how simple many of these devices are to use now . No longer do you have to be some kind of 'computer whizz' to use these things - much recent design has focussed on making devices really intuitive to use and quick to pick up.

And these days, they are way more 'idiot-proof" - you can explore away with very little risk of pressing the wrong button and deleting the contents of your device.

My message is - don't be afraid ! If you've been the recipient of a tablet or smartphone recently - dive in and have fun with it.

With a little guidance, most inexperienced new users can get online, set up an email address, surf the web and start checking out what their device has to offer within an hour - all with no prior experience. From there it’s a short hop to sharing photos, listening to music - even making video calls to relatives around the world.

We may be forced into this technological era, but the good news is it's genuinely never been easier to use!

Russell Isaac can be contacted on 0774 775 3764 or at russell@easypcbristol.co.uk