Large entry for The Allen Classic Trial

December 29 2015

Phil Tucker of Stroud entering the water at John Walker, courtesy of Jack Flash Photography

A TOTAL of 75 cars with drivers and navigators gathered at The Bull in Hinton for the start of the Allen Classic Trial.
Their day would consist of a relaxing tour around the hills surrounding Bristol punctuated with adrenaline fuelled ascents of muddy rock-strewn hills.
Each hill was attempted in turn, starting at Tog Hill and finishing at the legendary John Walker, where cars descend through a river before climbing up a heavily rutted track and bursting out the top into fantastic views of the countryside. By the time the last car had rolled into the finish, the sun had set and Nick Farmer was declared the winner, having climbed every hill except Fry’s Bottom near Keynsham.
On January 14, a team of drivers from Downend will be providing free passenger rides at Autosport International, the racing car show at Birmingham’s NEC as part of Go Motorsport’s Autosolo Display Team. Aside from giving lots of people happy faces, the team will use the event as practice for the second season of the Vincenzo & Son Bristol MX5 Challenge. This year, there will be six rounds to the challenge that anyone can compete in using a road going Mazda MX5. If you’ve ever thought you might make a good racing driver, then you really should make a new year’s resolution to do it. Bristol Motor Club run several events that you can compete in using your every day road car, whether it’s a Perodua or a Porsche, a Ford or a Ferrari.