Letters: December 2018

November 27 2018

Social care aid 'not just for Christmas'

YOUR  readers may have heard recently of the £240m being allocated to the social care system to ease pressure on the NHS.

We now know this will mean that over £2 million will be made available in Bristol.

While it’s important that the Government has recognised that social care underfunding lies at the heart of our hospitals’ winter pressures, the amount committed is a let-down – less than 10 per cent of what’s needed to fix the social care crisis now. The social care system is ‘not just for Christmas’ and people with dementia, as its biggest recipients, are experiencing the emotional and economic cost all year round.

To turn the tide for the 4,600 people with dementia in Bristol we need to plug the funding gap and offer them the good quality social care they have a right to.

Marion Child

Alzheimer’s Society



Unpaid carers deserve support

The Christmas period is a time for celebration, but if you are looking after someone with an illness or disability it can mean added demands on top of an already stressful day-to-day life. 

Did you know there is a local charity dedicated to supporting unpaid carers? Carers Support Centre offer a range of services for carers of all ages living in Bristol & South Gloucestershire. 

If you help look after family or friends who could not manage without this help, you are a carer. This could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems. 

The variety of tasks that a carer takes on can be broad. They can include practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, paying bills, financial management and engaging appropriate services; personal care such as bathing, dressing, lifting, administering medication and collecting prescriptions; and emotional support such as listening, advocacy, problem solving, motivating and companionship. 

This time of year can place extra demands on carers. If you're caring for someone it's important to find out what help is out there for you. 

Most carers first contact us through CarersLine and, when they do, they are often near breaking point. Our support workers guide them through the range of services available to make sure they are getting the best support. 

Our message to someone who is caring for a relative or friend is: don't wait for a crisis. Find out what support is available now.

If you or someone you know is a carer in need of help, contact CarersLine or visit the Carers Support Centre website for information, advice and to access any of their free services:  

0117 965 2200. 


Keith Sinclair, chief executive

Carers Support Centre



Meningitis Now's Ribbon Appeal

 MENINGITIS Now has launched its 2018 Ribbon Appeal, which gives everyone an opportunity to remember loved ones this Christmas – and we’d like to invite your readers to dedicate their own ribbon. 

Each year the charity helps people to honour those they have lost with a ribbon inscribed with their family member or friend’s name. These are placed on our Tree of Remembrance at our Christmas Concert in Gloucester Cathedral on Thursday December 13. 

To dedicate a ribbon visit our website at www.MeningitisNow.org/ribbon2018 before December. 7.  Ribbons can be placed by anyone left bereaved, whatever the circumstances of their loss, and all donations received in exchange for a ribbon will help Meningitis Now support families who need us this Christmas and throughout the coming months and years. 

Tom Nutt

Meningitis Now