'Lives at risk' from bad parking

November 26 2019


Louise Routley and Ina Goldberg in Wick Wick Close.Louise Routley and Ina Goldberg in Wick Wick Close.

PEOPLE living in a street plagued by parking problems say lives could be put at risk.
Residents of Wick Wick Close say they have problems from first thing in the morning until late at night.
The street is close to a business park, a busy pub and the Avon Ring Road. And they say that the number of cars left in their street all day has increased since a metrobus stop was built nearby.
In some parts of the road parked cars have prevented bin lorries from getting through – and residents say that in a life-threatening emergency, ambulances and fire engines could also be blocked.

South Gloucestershire Council laid down double yellow lines in parts of Wick Wick Close earlier this year, after holding a consultation.
But residents say some of those lines have made the situation worse, as they have been painted across their driveways, which means they cannot park outside their own houses – but can still be blocked in by drivers flouting the rules.
They say the council needs to think again, either remove some of the lines or enforce them – and consider both a residents' parking scheme for the road and a park and ride for metrobus passengers.
Louise Routley says she is frequently unable to get her car on or off her driveway.
She said: "Before the lines we started to leave a car outside, to ensure we could get out of our drive. Now we can't do that and there have been times when I come home from work and can't get on my drive – or park anywhere else.
"You would assume the double yellow would make the situation better but it's making it worse.
"The council is not properly policing this situation and on one occasion, when the police were present, I was told they could do nothing to make people move, even though it was dangerous."
Ina Goldberg said bad parking on some parts of the road had prevented bin lorries and recycling trucks from getting through, leaving residents with uncollected waste.
She said: "Just imagine if an ambulance or fire engine couldn't get through – it could risk lives."
Neighbour Liz Potts said all the kerb space without double-yellow lines is filled by 6.30am every weekday, as commuters leave their cars and catch the metrobus at the stop outside the Willy Wicket pub. The double yellow lines mean that the available spaces in the cul-de-sac behind her home have been cut from five to two-and-a-half.
In the evening, cars are regularly parked on double yellow lines if the pub car park is full, despite signs urging customers to park responsibly.
Wick Wick Close is not the only road affected by the parking problem: residents of nearby Westons Brake raised concerns over parking by people visiting the Harlequin Business Park on the other side of the ring road when plans were announced for a new Travelodge, Costa Coffee and pub nearby.
A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: “Parking restrictions were introduced in Wick Wick Close as part of the Emersons Green waiting restriction review in March 2019, following complaints about inconsiderate and dangerous parking causing an obstruction to motorists and pedestrians.
“Three informal public consultations were carried out, one in 2016, one in 2017 and a legal advert in 2018, to gather feedback on proposals, which consisted of double yellow lines and limited waiting bays, with the majority of residents supporting the introduction of the restrictions.
“A resident permit scheme was not considered as part of the proposals because the majority of homes in the area have access to off-street parking. We only consider such schemes where more than half of all homes do not have access to their own parking.”