Looking lovely in Lycra inspires class

September 26 2013

A FITNESS instructor was shamed into shedding weight after realising she was setting a bad example to her class.

Debbie MorrisDebbie Morris

A FITNESS instructor was shamed into shedding weight after realising she was setting a bad example to her class.

Debbie Morris, 46, struggled with those excess pounds even though it was part of her job to keep fit and eat a healthy diet.

She started hiding her unwanted flab with baggy gym clothes, hoping her class wouldn’t notice she was piling on the pounds.

The mum-of-one felt particularly self-conscious when teaching her legs, bums and tums classes – wondering how she would be an inspiration to her class if she was fat and flabby herself. 

Debbie said: “I’ve always worked in private fitness clubs around Bristol and there’s an expectation to look the part. I was wearing skin-tight Lycra but I was conscious of my rolls so I started wearing baggy vest tops to hide it all.”

Eager to set a glowing example to her class, Debbie tried every fad diet going including a 28-day detox diet and a cabbage soup diet, but the weight would always creep back on.

Following the birth of her daughter in October 2009, Debbie took nine months’ maternity leave and found her eating habits going from bad to worse. 

The crunch came when Debbie returned to work the following July – and had to squeeze into her gym clothes. She knew she was never going to be a role model with rolls of fat bulging from her shorts and vest.

“I thought ‘How can I go back to work looking like this? Are people going to look at me and say, ‘Why should I do what you’re showing me because it’s not actually working for you?’ ”

Debbie decided to join her local Slimming World class and lost one stone three pounds – the equivalent of 34 blocks of butter - within ten weeks.

Debbie said: “I wear Lycra now! It’s like a second skin and it means people in my body conditioning and toning classes are able to see my postural alignment to make sure they are completely aware of what I’m teaching them. 

“Although I didn’t have huge amounts of weight to lose, the difference it has made to me personally and to my fitness level is amazing; I’m full of energy and the confidence it has given me when teaching is unbelievable.”

Buoyed by her weight-loss experience, she has now become a Slimming World consultant in Emersons Green, helping others eat healthily and lose weight.

Debbie said: “I love being a consultant. Nothing excites me more than helping people achieve their goals.”

*Debbie’s class takes place at Emersons Green Primary School on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. To find out more call Debbie on 07966 322370.