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March 02 2015

What would being a Parish Councillor in Downend & Bromley Heath mean for me?

What would being a Parish Councillor in Downend & Bromley Heath mean for me?

As an elected parish councillor in Downend & Bromley Heath, you will volunteer your time for free to work on behalf of our local community. Obviously such a position brings with it certain duties and responsibilities. Two of the main ones are a requirement to attend a monthly meeting of the full Parish Council and to abide by the Code of Conduct.

How does Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council operate?

Downend & Bromley Heath has a complement of 12 councillors and one part-time clerk who is employed by the Parish Council. They have powers relating to planning, provision of recreational facilities, halls, crime prevention, community transport, public toilets, tourism, allotments, street cleaning, car parks, street lighting, footpaths, commons ...the list goes on!

How do I apply to become a Parish Councillor for Downend & Bromley Heath?

If you wish to stand for election you need to complete a nomination paper with some personal details as well as your electoral roll number (if you do not know this, the Electoral Registration Office will be able to help). You also need a proposer and seconder to your nomination. Once completed, the form needs to be taken in person to the Electoral Registration Office. The

form will be checked there and then to ensure it has been completed accurately and is a valid nomination. You will be able to download a nomination paper from South Gloucestershire Council’s website after March 2.

Alternatively, if you are a member of a political party, you could contact their local offices to express your interest and they will help you sort out the paperwork.

Do I meet the criteria to be nominated to stand?

Visit The Electoral Commission website at

Where can I get a nomination paper?

Email: Website: and follow the links. Telephone: 01454 863030