March 2019: Thought for the month With Nigel Farmer Minister Sanctuary Church

February 25 2019

Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden

We all have people in our families, or know people that are suffering from an illness or a misfortune. These things can cause us to ask why? Where is God? We often say “what have I or they done to deserve this”.  The followers of Jesus asked him regarding this when they came across a man who was born with blindness. They asked who sinned and caused an offence to God, was it the man or was it his parents? Their approach was it must be due to cause and effect. Jesus said ‘you are asking the wrong question, you are looking for blame, neither of them sinned but look instead to what God can do in him’. Despite the condition that the man was born with, God would heal him and use him.
Now we know not all people are healed in a miraculous way today, although some are, Jesus invites us to still ask for His help and He will comfort you. Matthew 11:28. If you are suffering today, God has not forgotten you or gone missing, He still wants to see you strong, restored to full health and used by Him.
On another occasion in the book of Luke chapter 13, Jesus refers to 18 workers who died in an accident, saying that they were no worse or less sinners but that these disasters can happen. We should take the opportunity whilst we are healthy and well to be in a right standing with God. Natural disasters or man-made disasters are not from God. We are living in a world that is effected by wrong choices that have been made, that was not God’s original intention. However God gives us free will, in which is the only true way to have a perfect relationship with His creation. He still gives us an option to call upon Him and ask for His help. He will not go through all of history correcting each individual choice made, but He has sent His Son Jesus to give a perfect image of Himself, that through trusting in Jesus we can be secure and have a lasting faith rather than fear.
It is said that 95% of the worlds suffering can be put at the door of men/women who through selfishness, greed , power – sin have resulted in the suffering of others. Of course we do not want to see people with cancers and children suffering and we may not ever get the answer we want to these questions, but God gives us a promise: that He will wipe away every tear, there will be no more death, no more sorrow or crying, no more pain. He will make all things new.
You would be welcome to visit one of the local churches, as Christians we are always happy to pray for you and believe God to heal you.