May you find kindness in the chaos

March 31 2014

Thought for the month with With Paul Donovan Pendennis Evangelical Church Pendennis Road Staple Hill, Bristol

Life can be chaotic, can’t it?!  Sometimes the chaos is over-busyness but other times the chaos just hits us.  Problems arise that we never foresaw and had little or no control over.  Such situations are common to us all but how wonderful it is when amidst the tangled mess of our lives bright rays of kindnesses are shown.

I was speaking about such things to the congregation at Pendennis on Sunday, little did I know what would happen that afternoon!  A beautiful spring day enticed us out for a pleasant walk with friends in the park but the niceties of the afternoon abruptly ended when my eldest son’s gymnastics caused his head to impact the ground. 

As the impact of the event hit Mum and Dad and we began to process dealing with it, with the blood also flowed the kindnesses.  Concerned siblings and calm friends willing to do whatever they could to help.  Then at A&E, the policeman who reassuringly monitors and talks with the slightly-in-shock lad while Dad deals with the car.  And what about the young doctor whose sensitive, compassionate, friendly manner puts the young boy at ease and makes the local anesthetic and stitches as pain-free and positive as humanly possible.  We then returned home to messages of loving concern from the church family.  Kindness in the chaos indeed.  

We are all able to bring some joy and encouragement into each others lives by even the smallest acts of kindness.  Let’s seek to be more intentional each day by looking for and using opportunities to be kind to others.

Often without our appreciation, God shows us a myriad of daily kindnesses.  His daily supply of our needs tells us of his kindness and his kindness should turn us to him.  The Easter message is that God’s greatest act of kindness is that he gave his Son.  Into the chaos of this hurting world Jesus came, experienced the pains and willingly gave his life for us.  ‘…when the kindness and love of God our Saviour appeared, he saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy.’ (Titus 3:4).

I was so appreciative of the kindness shown to my son because of his accident. God’s kindness in giving his Son for us was no accident.  May you experience his kindness this Easter.