Mobile home site plans hit opposition

July 28 2020

Entrance to the site from the road

PLANS to build a mobile home park with space for up to nine homes on land at Pomphrey Hill have drawn more than 40 objections.
Applicant Jason McDonagh has asked South Gloucestershire Council for permission to demolish existing buildings at Orchard Farm Cottage, next to the Pomphrey Hill Public Open Space car park, and replace them with hardstandings and landscaping for mobile homes.
A planning statement submitted to the council on behalf of Mr McDonagh said the land, next door to an existing traveller site, was “overgrown and unsightly, featuring two tin-roofed sheds, a stone building with pantile roof in a state of disrepair, hardstanding, abandoned machinery, building materials and other detritus".
It continued: “The proposal removes the existing buildings on the site, reduces the area of hardstanding and removes the large quantities of detritus that cover the site, preserving and improving its openness and improving its visual amenity.
“The application site is Previously Developed Land, that is located in the Green Belt in a sustainable location, adjacent to the settlement of Mangotsfield.
“It is likely that the change of use would promote an improvement to the disorder of the site and accordingly would result in an enhancement of the immediate setting, not only preserving but improving the visual amenity of the Green Belt through a more beneficial use of land.
“The proposal would provide nine units of low-cost housing in the form of mobile homes, thereby contributing to this form of housing need as identified within the South Gloucestershire area.”
As the Voice went to press 46 people had written to the council to object to the plans, with four writing in favour.
The site is near the junction with Johnson Road, one of the main access roads for Emersons Green.
Emersons Green resident Peter Scott told the council the development was "completely out of character with the area" and posed a "serious health and safety risk to an already congested bus route, as well as access issues".
Pomphrey Hill pavilion manager Hilary Norley told the council work had already started on the site, with earthworks encroaching on the open space.
Emersons Green Town Council Members said they had "several concerns" with the plans, saying: "The site is on the brow of a hill with traffic busy in both directions, the current access does not provide good visibility on to and off of the road.
"The proposal has a potential of eighteen permanent vehicles on site, plus visitors; the increased number of vehicles using this access could result in highway safety issues. The proposed number of dwellings is too many for the size of the site and will result in the over-development of the site.
"No parking has been provided for visitors, which may result in parking on the very busy road."
The Coal Authority, which was consulted as the site “is likely to have been subject to historic unrecorded underground coal mining at shallow depth”, has raised no objection to the plan, and South Gloucestershire Council's environmental protection department has also raised no objections.
The planning application was awaiting a decision by South Gloucestershire Council as the Voice went to press.
Details of the plan can be found by searching for reference number P20/04560/F on the planning section of council’s website.