Moves underway to establish Good Neighbour schemes

September 01 2014

MOVES are under way to establish Good Neighbour schemes in the Downend area.

MOVES are under way to establish Good Neighbour schemes in the Downend area.

Similar projects already operate in Frampton Cotterell and Pucklechurch, putting volunteers in touch with people who need help.

The Good Neighbours do not offer services already provided by authorities, such as personal care of meals on wheels. Instead they offer help with household tasks such as changing a light bulb, putting the rubbish out or filling in forms.

In some cases, the volunteers might must spend time with someone for a cup of tea and a chat.

Obviously, many people already look out for their neighbours, but this project is aimed at those who are isolated for some reason and those who would like to help their community but don't know anyone in need.

It is not only elderly people who can receive support but also lone or struggling parents or people coming of hospital.

A number of people have come forward to help run the schemes, which could go forward under the Downend Connect initiative led by Downend and Bromley Heath Parish Council and South Gloucestershire Council.

Volunteers are DBS-checked and the scheme hbolds public liability insurance and has child protection and data protection policies in place.

Sue Jaques, from South Gloucestershire, said: “It would be good to share the idea with the wider community to find out if there is anyone who would value this kind of offer and if there is anyone else who would like to volunteer.”

Anyone interested should contact Sue at